All our denim is recycled, up-cycled and reclaimed!

We source from op shops, vintage stores and donations. We alter, fix, mend and bedazzle to create one-of-a-kind pieces that encourage a circular fashion economy and make you stand out!

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In order to develop a more circular model for Big Sis The Label we have set up a collection bin for old, unused, stained and forgotten denim pieces.

These will then be used to create new and exciting products.

We aim to use all possible aspects of the denim so we can limit the amount of waste heading to landfill.

An important part of our ethos is to be a large part of the circular fashion economy.

While in the future we want to expand this endeavour to other textiles we have made a start with denim.

The circular fashion movement asks consumers to reconsider how they dispose of their garment while asking corporations what they can do to facilitate this.

If you are local to the Gold Coast area please come down to 8/35 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads and drop off your unwanted denim pieces.